White Town Brewery

It started out as a joke and ended up being a production of a refreshing, unfiltered, unpasteurized craft beer!

White Town Brewery was founded in Elassona, in the so-called ‘White City’ according to Homer, where 3 friends wanted to produce quality craft beer, primarily for their own consumption, which sparked the thought “why not sharing it with other beer lovers?”

The name of it.. Lazy Mules, marked by 3 chilled out mules*, hanging out below Mt Olympus’ summit of Mytikas.

* any resemblance to the aforementioned friends is purely coincidental!


pilsner beer

Alc. 4.9% vol. | 0,33L & 0,5L

The German hops used add spicy, herbal and slightly fruity aromas.

With four different types of malt, the beer acquires a rich structure and flavour, while the light bitterness is balanced by a pleasant sweetness aftertaste.

Fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized Lazy Mules retains its natural opacity in its predominantly blonde colour, presenting a soft, earthy texture.

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Type of Beer Pilsner
Color Blond Cloudy
Alcohol (ABV) 4,9 %
Aroma - Taste Herbal, Malt, Spicy, Bitter, Bitter
Ingredients Barley malt, Hops, Yeast, Water
Packaging Glass bottle
Content 330ml & 500ml


The 3 lazy mules with you wherever you are!

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